Student ‘killed man with sword after girlfriend dumped him for Facebook hack’


A student is accused of killing two people days after he was dumped by his girlfriend.

Peter Manfredonia is being held on a $7million (£5.7million) bond following the deaths of Theodore DeMers and Nicholas Eisele.

The deaths came during an apparent crime spree that ended following a six day manhunt.

According to court documents unsealed by police in Connecticut this week, a woman who lived on the same street as Mr DeMers in Willington broke up with Manfredonia on May 18, she told police.

She claimed the 23-year-old had hacked into her social media accounts in April, the Hartford Courant reported.

According to court documents she had considered taking out a restraining order against Manfredonia and told police he had an “obsession with samurai swords” and owned two.

Around four days after the reported break up the alleged crime spree began, at 9am on May 22.

Police in Derby, Connecticut received reports that two men had been badly wounded by a third man.

One of the victims was Mr DeMers, who neighbours had found with his right hand cut off completely, the flesh of his tricep almost completely separated from his body and one index finger severed.

He also had cuts to his head and back, and could not be revived.

Mr DeMers’ obituary, published in May, recorded how he had offered the attacker a lift before the flurry of violence began.

“On a bright Friday morning in May, Ted was doing something he had done a million times before and would have done a million times more if not for a simple and cruel twist of fate — he simply offered a hand to a stranger in need,” it read.

“For this good deed, his life was taken from him and his Earthly presence from all of us. Ted, may your soul be everlasting.”

The other injured man was Navy veteran John Franco, an 80-year-old who tried to intervene in the altercation.

Neighbours heard screams before seeing a man in dark clothes and a motorcycle helmet attack Mr DeMers.

After the attacker fled on a red motorbike, police arrived and discovered a samurai sword in a nearby wooded area, the New York Post reported.

“The metal blade of the samurai sword was bent on an angle and had a fresh blood-like substance covering the bent blade,” the police warrant states.

Around three and a half hours later a motorbike was found abandoned nearby, which police claim was registered to Manfredonia.

A white bike helmet with blood on the outside was also recovered along with Manfredonia’s mobile phone.

“Also, a dark-colored shirt with Chinese lettering and ‘world peace,’ was located nearby with a blood-like substance on the exterior,” the warrant continues.

“The shirt was located in a stream and appeared as though there was an attempt to wash the shirt clean in the water.”

Two days later state troopers were told of an abandoned truck in Osbornedale State Park, which was registered to a man who lived about a mile from where the motorbike was found.

When the officers went to his home they discovered the 73-year-old tied to a chair in the basement.

He told them that at around 5.15am the day before he had “woke up abruptly to a male with a gun to the back of my neck and shouting at me not to turn around or he would blow my (expletive) brains out.”

According to the court documents he was held hostage at gunpoint for 24 hours before the intruder stole guns, ammo, money, credit cars, food and his truck.

The pensioner described the man as “calm” and “apologetic”.

He told the homeowner “he was going to have two good weeks and then he figured it would end in a shootout, the death penalty, or life in prison”, the warrant records.

At the same time that police found the tied up homeowner other officers were also searching for the killer.

Their pursuit led them to a home about a mile away from where the truck was found.

Inside they found the body of Mr Eisele, 23, a former Newtown High School classmate of Manfredonia.

Mr Eisele’s girlfriend had been kidnapped before being found unharmed near the Pennsylvania border, police records state.

Manfredonia, a University of Connecticut student, was tracked, found and arrested at a truck stop in Hagerstown, Maryland.

Police said they found a gun in the area where Manfredonia was arrested that appeared to be the same weapon used to kill his former Newtown High School classmate in Derby.

He is being held at Garner Correctional Institution in Newtown and is on suicide watch.

Manfredonia faces charges of murder, assault, home invasion, kidnapping and related crimes.

He is also expected to face separate charges in Mr Eisele’s murder.