Man stabbed and robbed of £2,000 bike by fake ‘key worker’ in Spiderman hoodie


A man was duped into believing he was selling his £2,000 bike to an ‘NHS key worker’ before being stabbed and robbed by a thief in a hoodie.

The 34-year-old victim – who has not been named – decided to sell his prized YT Capra 2015 bicycle on Facebook after falling on hard times before being conned by a bogus buyer.

He was contacted after posting an advert in the social media site’s marketplace section before arranging to meet the ‘buyer’ in Kings Heath, Birmingham, on Saturday.

Having been told the money would be transferred after he’d handed over the bike to the person’s son, he was met by a man in a Spiderman hoodie who attacked him and rode off on it.

The victim told Birmingham Live : “I’ve lost an expensive bike, but it could’ve been worse if the knife had been a bit further, on my neck.

“I would say to people selling on Facebook, do not trust anyone.”

The victim decided to sell his beloved bike on Facebook because he needed money due to the lockdown.

He said: “On Saturday (June 27), I was contacted through messenger by a person who I now know was a fake account.

“He said he was an NHS worker and he wanted me to take the bike to Braceby Avenue to his son and he would transfer the money to my account.”

The victim took his father and drove to the rendezvous point the same day.

“I got there and a man approached me and asked if I brought the bike.

“I showed him the bike and he wanted to ride it. I tried to stop him and suddenly he stabbed my hand and rode away.

“I chased after him but lost him.

“My dad was with me but he has a heart condition so I didn’t want conflict.”

He then informed the police.

A West Midlands Police spokeswoman said: “We’re investigating a robbery after a bike was stolen from a man on Braceby Avenue after he had arranged to meet a man to sell it to him just before 11am on Saturday (27 June).

“The 34-year-old man was stabbed in his hand by the thief too, causing a minor injury, before his bike worth several thousand pounds was taken off him.”