Woman’s house burnt to the ground after she’s accused of having sex with 2 dogs


A woman witnessed her house being burned to the ground after she was allegedly filmed having sex with two dogs.

Tiffany Riley, 40, from Youngstown, Ohio, has been accused of engaged in a sex act with two Shih Tzu dogs.

Police started investigating the allegations against her in February and on Tuesday she was charged with sexual conduct with an animal and cruelty to companion animals, the Sun reports.

The footage was said to be circulating online.

Riley’s house then burned down – and detectives are yet to find out whether it was an arson attack or an accident.

The dogs have been taken to an animal shelter.

Animal Charity spokesman Mary Louk said: “We know the FBI’s said multiple times that crimes against animals turn into crimes against people.

“It’s that first step, so using that methodology, we’re looking to get some charges pressed.

“Hopefully we get some help.”

Investigations into Riley were prompted by local news channel WKBN who contacted police over the alleged video which was believed to be on social media.

The Animal Charity of Ohio instructed police to execute a search warrant.

Two of Riley’s devices were seized but detectives do not believe Riley was trying to sell the alleged videos online.

She is currently on bond over the misdemeanor charges and her next court date is July 20.